Homebrew Happy hour at Workhaus Lodge!

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Hello Workhaus members and friends! To celebrate fall we are excited to announce a happy hour with help from our friend Corey Reinaker. Corey has been working hard to prepare 2 flavors of beer....a Pumpkin Ale, and a Black Ipa. Word is it tastes GREAT.

All current members will receive a 20oz Workhaus Pilsner glass at the happy hour. Any guest who signs up for a mobile membership at the happy hour will also receive a please bring a friend. 

We will also have some food and regular ole beer in case the party gets BIG

Author: Ben Jenkins
Hello everyone, I just got the official word that the home brew for this Friday's Happy our at Workhaus will be "Really frosty"....soooooooo, just saying. Please come. I can only drink so much.
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